I have recently completed and am certified in the HubSpot Academy course in digital marketing. I have recently graduated with a Masters degree in Creative Writing and before that a BA in Creative Digital Media, where design was a huge focus.

My most relevant experience is the experience I have gained from my internship at BBDO advertising agency. My role there included video editing and content creation and graphic design. There I worked with clients such as Disney, RSA, Rockshore, Carroll's, Lidl and Avonmore. The projects I worked on involved video editing, motion graphics, designing ad copy and creative for clients and collaborating with my team on these projects. The types of creatives included TV advertisements, digital billboard, social media (Instagram/Facebook ads).
In 2019, I graduated from the Technological University of Dublin, with an Honours Degree in Creative Digital Media. I studied film making, scriptwriting, photography, graphic design, web design, coding, video editing, sound design, UX &UI design, brand design, brand development and game design. I have an expansive knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite as well as Microsoft Office.

I completed a Masters course in Creative Writing in the DCU School of English for which I received a 2.1. Whilst there I studied a variety of famous writers ranging from the classic Greek tragedies to the works of Samuel Beckkett, Virginia Woolf and Sarah Kane. In my time there I wrote short stories, plays, poems and screenplays.
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